Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Girl, Two Posts

Two posts in one day for me is a bit unusual but I feel the need to express to the world what a moron I am. I got on the 1:03pm bus to get to school by 1:17pm so that I could watch the Honours Presentations being held there. The bus was running late because there was a transfer that had to be done so I didn't get on campus until about 1:22pm. I rushed off the bus to get to Dalton to find out what room the presentations were being held in, only to learn once I got there that they started at 1:00pm and not 1:30pm. Instantly I was bummed out! How I managed to mess that up is beyond me. I didn't want to be that awkward noisy person who comes into the room while they're talking, especially since they would have been nervous and another distraction was probably not what they wanted.

The next bus wasn't for another 30 minutes and it takes 35 minutes to walk home so logic told me to do the walk. Plus the 6 degree weather didn't make it a hard decision to make.

Anyway, I wanted to tell Andrea and Christina that I am sorry for missing their presentations and for being such a jerk. I was really looking forward to going and supporting them for working so hard and being so awesome. I'm sure they rocked it. Congratulations on being done!


  1. My dear Adrienne,
    It's funny because I haven't "checked in" on ya in a few days, and the one day I pop over to see what you're thinking about, I see a personal apology there! Can honestly say I wasn't expecting that!

    First of all, as you can tell, I'm taking it very personally and holding it against you that I did not see your red head amongst the audience members today. And by that I mean, PLEASE do not apologize! Speaking for myself, at least, I wasn't even expecting anyone beyond a few faculty members, so seeing any pals there at all was really awesome. I think it's really rad that you were making the attempt to get there to support me/us in the first place. You're a super awesome friend, Adrienne :)


    P.S. If I drink enough at Gerald St. tomorrow I just might do a bad reenactment of my presentation, so you won't really have missed anything today afterall!

  2. I really, REALLY hope that I get to witness this reenactment of your presentation! I am suddenly very excited about tonight.