Thursday, September 2, 2010

Book Review Returns

Alright, this is part two and most likely the final chapter of my book review. Since school starts in only a matter of days, that means that my leisure reading will be coming to a screaming halt and I'll be up to my eyebrows in textbooks and online articles. This review has 5 novels to discuss, but 3 of them will pretty much be explained as one (since they were a series). Also, you will notice quite quickly that I have actually already read all of these books, except for the first one, which turns the title of the blog into an unfunny pun. But I love puns so I'm going to roll with it.

1) Home from the Vinyl Cafe by Stuart McLean. If you have never read a Vinyl Cafe book by this man, I highly recommend going out and finding one. I have read several of these books and have enjoyed every single one equally. He's a Canadian author and his books are based around humourous stories of a "fictional" family who live in Toronto. Dave and Morley are the parents and they have two kids, Sam and Stephanie. What I love about these books are that the people are believable as a family that we all know (or even are ourselves) and the stories may be a bit out there sometimes but are still achievable by any means. McLean's books leave me laughing out loud, or at least with a smile on my face. It's an easy read and is very convenient when you want nothing more than a leisurely book to get through.

2) Dragon by Clive Cussler. How to even begin to explain? Clive Cussler is who got me into reading when I was young. I mean, I was always an avid reader growing up but it was his books that made me go out and want to find more, more, more!!! All of his books star the same characters, one of them being the famous Dirk Pitt (who I would run away with if he ever showed up on my doorstep). There are 21 Dirk Pitt novels out there and I have read (and own) 18 of them. They are so witty, so funny and just action packed from beginning to end. I like how Cussler takes events from history, puts them in his books and gives them a twist to make it his own. Dirk Pitt nearly dies about 5 times in each book, then gets out of the most insane situations and always gets the girl(s). It must be his dreamy green eyes and thick, wavy black hair.... So Dragon was written 20 years ago and I bought it at a second hand book store here in Trail. I've probably read it at least twice already but his books are easy to read over and over again. This one is about a bomber jet carrying a nuclear warhead which disappears just outside of Japan in 1945. Apparently there were two atomic bombs heading to Japan that fateful day but only one made it (bombed Hiroshima). What happened to the other one!?!? Fast-forward 56 years and you get a great book full of Japanese terrorists and underwater adventure. Great times!

3) Liveship Traders Trilogy by Robin Hobbs. This was a series of three books (Ship of Magic, Mad Ship and Ship of Destiny) about merchant families, pirates, serpents, dragons and talking ships. They're obviously fantasy novels but are so incredibly enjoyable. When I try to explain what these books are about, people tend to snicker a bit at the idea of these liveships which come alive and talk and have emotions and feelings. But they're so good! The books are captivating and full of adventure, raw emotion and a little bit of romance. They're based around a family who owns one of the liveships and when she awakens (three captains have to die on the deck before they can awaken) there is major family rivalry and all hell breaks loose. Some people go out to sea, others run away, the ships have minds of their owns, then throw in some pirates who want to rule the waters and dragons who want to rule the world and it's just chaos.

I've read other series from this author and she's really great. What I really enjoy is that you get so caught up in the characters and stories of each one of them that you do not want to put them down until you know what happens! Plus Hobbs is great at character development throughout the three books. If you're meant to love a character then you absolutely adore him/her. Or if you're meant to hate a character, you loathe him/her with a passion. Or you may start off feeling one way about someone and half way through the book come to have a completely different take on that person. The good guys become bad guys, the bad guys become good guys...they all mesh together into a wonderful trilogy. A great read for anyone who has a big imagination and a love for adventure novels.

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