Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day of School

You know that school has officially begun when not a single textbook has been cracked open and the agendas are overflowing with party after party and friendly get-together after get-together. Everyone is so excited to see each other that we forget the main reason we are all meeting in the first place is because we have the common goal of completing university.

Day one of arriving in PEI was a bit of a whirlwind. I unpacked all of my boxes and suitcases and settled back into my old room. I must admit that now that I am all settled in and back in this province, it feels pretty good to be here. Plus coming here this time around was way easier than any other time before because I already had everything I needed to live was just a matter of unpacking it and putting my life all back in place. There was no mad rush to buy bedding or books or anything. This was very comforting.

Tuesday I did a little bit of minor shopping then headed over to Chris's place to pick him up to do some errands. Of course he was still in bed, so while he got mobile and ready to head out, I chatted with his lovely family for a while. They invited me to come back over for dinner that evening which I graciously accepted. After eating take-out for two days it would be lovely to eat a real meal. Chris and I did some grocery shopping and puttered around for a couple hours before dinner. I had a horrible time trying to get my computer to hook up to the internet here at the house, so we tried to figure that out for way too long than needed. Anyway, we headed back to his parent's house for dinner, which was delicious. His sister and her boyfriend were also there, so it was great to be able to catch up with them a little. Unfortunately we had to take off soon afterwards because Chris is playing a show on Thursday night (which he found out about on Tuesday) so he had to meet up with the other band members to practice a bit. After he dropped me off at home, I quickly changed then walked down to Hunter's Ale House to meet Sarah, Jo and Ann. It was fantastic to see them again! I've missed them terribly since being away. Oh how I love them!

Today is Wednesday which means first day of classes. I wasn't very excited to haul my butt out of bed this morning to take on day one of the semester, but it turned out to be a rather great day. I'm really looking forward to my first class which is a psychology class. It's called Sensation and Perception and the professor seems really great and got us all pumped about what is to come in the following months. So that was a good start. My second class was Lifespan Nutrition which is exactly what it sounds like: nutrition that we need throughout our lifespan. It should be interesting. Plus I have some good friends in that class so they will make it fun to go to. Afterwards, Jess and I walked around for an hour bumping into familiar faces and having a good time. We headed to Clinical Nutrition to meet up with everyone else who is in our class (the rest of the 4th year students that is). It was just buzzing with chat and excitement of everyone seeing each other for the first time all summer.

After that class, a bunch of us headed over to Churchill Arms for some drinks and food to celebrate the first day of classes and our friend Mia's birthday. Good food + good beer + good company = a great time. They make really good curry at that place and it's near impossible to go through the doors without indulging. Yum yum.

So it's Wednesday night and I have every single night of my entire week booked for one thing or another. Yikes. This should be a fun week. What I really need to do is keep my eyes on the prize (a degree) and not get TOO sidetracked by having tons of fun in the process. Ok, maybe just a little fun.

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