Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Starbucks Seduction

Kaylynne, I was thinking of you when we passed this building in downtown Seattle. This is the first Starbucks to ever open and the year was 1971. This is the original logo that was created when the franchise first opened. She's a twin-tailed siren (a seducer who would lure sailors to their deaths on the rocky shores by singing enchanting songs), but since both of her breasts were exposed, they changed the logo to where her hair covered her chest but still exposed her belly button. Then they decided that that was just too much to expose as well, so they cropped her to what she is today!

I also learned that the name "Starbuck" comes from a combination of a mining camp on Mt. Rainier, which is the gorgeous mountain about 90 miles from Seattle, and from the name of the first mate in Moby Dick. The things you learn from wandering around aimlessly through a city!

And just a side note, it may have been all in my head since it's the first Starbucks to ever open, but my iced americano that I got from this location was possibly the most delicious one I have ever had. Yum Yum Yum. Maybe it's the vintage coffee beans they use ;)

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