Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Age Sweat?

So here's an interesting thought that came to mind today. Have you ever noticed those people who look at their hand right after they wipe sweat off of their forehead? You're at the gym working out and the dude next to you is also giving it his all and he's starting to perspire. He takes his hand, wipes is across his head and takes a good long look at what he removed. What is he expecting? Is there something I have yet to experience in my many years of sweating? Yeah I know the Gatorade commercials depict colourful sweat, but dude...that's just special effects!

Today I had a job interview for Rufus & Rory's. It's a 50's diner that's opening up downtown. I think it went alright. I was perhaps a bit too causal with them and perhaps should have taken it a little more seriously, but they seemed like easy going guys and were easy to talk to so I decided to just go for it. Hopefully no harm done. I guess I'll find out in a couple days when they do call backs. Fingers crossed!

Afterwards I planned on going home and doing some homework...but then I ran into a friend and we decided to go drink beer instead. It was far more fun than sitting in my room reading anyway. Now I'm hours behind schedule. The fact that I just wrote that makes me a bit loser. Hours behind schedule?? I need a life.

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