Sunday, September 12, 2010

Greeting Party and Late Birthday Party

It's been a busy couple of days around this place and crammed pack full of emotion. Yesterday was Saturday and my first task of the day was to head to the farmer's market to pick up some bread. I buy this amazing whole-wheat sourdough bread from a local man there and it's the only bread that I buy when I live on PEI. It's so incredibly amazing. I chatted with him for a while about sourdough starters and he seemed thrilled that I even know what a starter was. He's a nice man. So that was wonderful to be able to buy my first loaf of bread of the school year! Hooray for carbs! I headed to the gym after that where it was really quiet and I had the entire weights area all to myself! Hooray for being a loner at the gym!

When I got home I found Kaylynne's family already at the house waiting for her arrival. Did I mention that Kaylynne was coming home from Kenya yesterday? Her mom, sister and grandparents all came down to surprise her for her return. Plus they brought Earl back! Yay for Earl! Unfortunately we learned the day before that Kaylynne's car was broken, so when I returned to the house I found them all outside in the rain trying to figure out what was going on with her car. They eventually had it towed away to a mechanic. Poor Toyota. But the main focus was that Kaylynne would be back on Canadian ground in a matter of hours and everyone was excited to see her. I got a bit of homework done (I'm behind in my readings already!) and by 4:45, me and Sam jumped in the car and headed to the airport to meet up with the rest of the entourage. There were tons of people there (plus signs and flowers) to greet Kaylynne and Christina (the other student who went to Kenya as well) as they arrived home. I think it was total shock when the girls saw the giant group of familiar faces all waiting for their return. It was a really emotional moment for sure and there were a lot of teary eyes in that room when the hugs went around. But it was a nice moment. Unfortunately the family had to drive back the same day so it was a fast visit for them. And here I was more than happy and ready to give up my bed for them if they had wanted it (I planned to sleep at Chris's to make sure there was an extra bed if they needed it). Oh well. Welcome home Kaylynne! YAY!

So today is Sunday and it's been a good one. Chris's family had a dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday the recently passed and I was overwhelmed by it all. The food was incredible (the caraway bread that they make is just delicious) and Chris's sister Kelly made a chocolate raspberry cake (dairy free!) which was beautiful. They all sang me Happy Birthday and I'm sure I probably turned 9 shades of red before the last line was sung because we all know how much I LOVE being the center of attention...but it was great nonetheless. I felt honoured to be there tonight and I appreciate how much they look out for me and make me feel at home.

Now I get to cram Chapter 3 of my Lifespan Nutrition textbook somewhere in my brain and take an online quiz! The fun never stops around this place!

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