Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekend So Far!

So it's Saturday night and we're heading out to celebrate Sarah's birthday in an hour or so. I'm supposed to be studying for a quiz that I have to write tomorrow but I just can't concentrate right now. I don't know why, but reading about diseases of the lower GI tract just doesn't appeal to me at the moment. I think I'm just tired and bit overwhelmed at the thought of going out again tonight.

Yesterday Chris and I went out to dinner with his good friend Mark and Mark's new girlfriend Erin. We went to The Globe which is one of Charlottetown's night clubs. I've heard nothing but good things about the food at the Globe so I was looking forward to checking out the food scene they have happening there. The meal was...fine. Not as great as I expected it to be but it was enjoyable. The company was much more stimulating than the food. After dinner I headed over to my friend Jess's house and the other three headed elsewhere for the evening. I'd made plans with Jess and some other girls from school to go and see a band which was playing at The Alibi. A girl Andrea who's in my program is from Newfoundland and this band is a group of guys that she knew from high school. They're called Matthew Hornell and the Diamond Minds and they play folk/alternative type music. I'm not really sure what you'd call it. But I call it fun! The guy who opened up for them put the whole place to sleep. When he got to his last song I couldn't help but just laugh because he was so corny and somewhat desperate of a musician. It was just not good. I was so very happy that Andrea's people were lively and fun to listen to.

(The Band)

When we were watching them play last night, I kind of sat back and took in the scene and just couldn't help but smile. The guys on stage looked like a group of fishermen just rockin their instruments. Plaid, jeans, huge beards, boots...just an everyday looking group of guys. Plus the audience was just so Islander is was great. The people here have a certain way about them and yes, it can be very charming and very stereotypical of what people expect Islanders to be like. But that's a good thing! Some stereotypes are worth living up to. Anyway, the night got late and the beers stopped being poured, so I headed back home to my warm bed.

Today was a very busy but also very unproductive day. It began with a nice long shopping trip with Jess. We headed to the mall and around town a bit on the lookout for some clothes and shoes. I was quite successful and picked up some nice "grown-up clothes" as I like to call them. We also headed to the market where I bought some fresh local produce (yum yum!). Since neither of us wanted to do any school work, we further procrastinated by heading down to Timothys to get some coffee and people watch. Nothing like avoiding homework like gossiping about the locals! I walked home in the amazing sunshine and Chris came over soon after. We had plans to go to The Dunes this afternoon, which I am officially in love with.

The Dunes is the gorgeous gallery over in Brackley Beach which sells pottery (made right there in the building), local crafts/art, furniture, jewelry, clothing and all kinds of amazing things. It also has a fancy little restaurant set up in there and a vast garden for anyone to take a walk through. I wanted to buy everything. (Mom, you would LOVE it there. We'll have to check it out when you guys come to visit!) Some of Chris's friends also showed up to take a look around the place. After we all had our fill of the sights of the gallery, we all drove out to Brackley Beach to enjoy the warm sunshine and lovely day.

Now, it's party time. Where will I find the energy? Oy.

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