Monday, September 20, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

The day that just won't end...this is how I feel right now. I guess I could just go to sleep but I'm on a bit of a roll so I'd might as well just keep it going until I crash. Although sleep would be amazing at the moment.

Monday is my one big day for at school. I have all four classes today and they go from 10:30am to 6pm. I only get an hour break overall, and while this can be a good thing most of the time, sometimes I need to get things done on campus and having very little extra time can be a pain. But classes were fairly good today. My first class was a psychology class and we watched a movie about genetic anomalies of these four people, and how they have "super powers". While the movie was very cool, it wasn't a good idea to turn down the lights and have a movie session for my very first class of the day. Movie watching in class always makes me sleepy, therefore I was in a bit of a fog on my way to class #2. Fortunately this is my favourite class (Lifespan Nutrition) so I perked up somewhat quickly when class began.

After Lifespan was my hour long break in which I had to write a journal entry for another class. The journal entry was assigned last week and due at 3pm today, so this boggled my mind because normally I am well on top of these things but somehow this assignment got past me. Luckily I had that break to get it done, hopefully to the professors standards as well.

Class #3 was all about diseases of the lower GI tract so basically we spent 75 minutes discussing farting and pooping. I know I should say "flatulence and bowel movements", but where's the comedy in that? If you can't laugh at a good fart reference then you'd might as well be dead!

Class #4 was my second psych course and this is a class that keeps me on my toes. The format is 100% different than what I am used to and it throws me for a bit of a loop sometimes. I am used to structure, format and lectures in terms of classroom environment...but this one is different. We all gather our chairs into a big circle, then talk about "how we are" and discuss how the weekend went. It's a rather personal experience and can be really difficult for some of the students. A lot of people really hate talking about themselves. Then we are split into groups to discuss some articles that were assigned to read, then we all talk about them together as a class. I think I'm going to like this class as soon as I get a better feel for it. Plus I am worried about the weekly tests that we are going to have because I have no idea what to expect!

Class #5 was another 3 hour class in which I got to learn how to save my butt if I were to ever over serve someone alcohol...oh did I forget to mention my fifth class of the day? I got a ride down to Holland College from my amazingly sweet boyfriend who went out of his way to make sure I got there one time, to take me to the Responsible Beverage Server course that is offered down there. It's a super easy class that teaches you to basically not serve people alcohol to the point at which they can be impaired and hurt themselves or somebody else because you can get sued. Since I am looking for a server job at the moment and you need this course to get a job doing that on PEI, I felt it would be smart to do it. I got 100% of the test so now I get to serve booze to whomever I want! (Don't be impressed. It was an open book test and we were allowed to talk to other students and even ask for answers from the teacher). I am officially a responsible beverage server.

When I got home I learned that there was a lettering waiting for me from the Dean's office informing me that I made the Dean's List at UPEI. Now I have to attend the Dean's Academic Honours and Awards Night which I have been told from past students is a very boring and uneventful time. Why do they feel the need to award our "academic success" with a night of torturous boredom? I guess I should be grateful right? This is what we're told anyway.

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