Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Disappearing Act

So while I was wasting an hour of my life by surfing the internet (class was canceled therefore I have an extra hour between classes), I came across an article discussing how writing in a journal, or in some form of public display (like a blog), can make you healthier and have positive effects on your overall well-being. Apparently, "emotional or expressive writing can reduce high blood pressure, enhance immune function, decrease the severity of asthma and arthritis symptoms, promote wound healing, increase AIDS patients’ white blood cell counts and even help young people quit smoking." Even if one were to write something, and then destroy it immediately after completion, apparently there is an undeniable therapeutic response to writing about your thoughts, ideas, concerns....life! This article makes me feel much more optimistic about keeping this blog alive. Not only am I sharing my every-days with people who was to know what I'm up to on this tiny island, I am also improving my health. I mean, that's pretty cool! If you want to take a look at this article, here's the link:


So this morning when I went to look to see if there was any success in the relentless mouse hunt, I was shocked to open the pantry to find that the mouse trap was no where to be seen. I immediately turned to Sam and asked if she had already cleaned it out of there...although I know that she would have waited for me to be there dead-mouse-cleaner-upper since she's quite squeamish with this whole ordeal. She of course said no, so I asked Kaylynne the same thing...of course she had not moved the mouse trap either. This lead me to panic a little. The thought of the poor little mouse partially trapped in the trap, crawling on his hands and knees to impending doom of a slow and torturous death, just made me sick to think about. After I pulled the shelf out of the pantry I found the empty mouse trap jammed into the side of the shelving.

Ok. What the hell? How did this happen? It's as though he was stuck, but pulled the trap all the way to the other side of the cupboard, then maneuvered the trap into the shelving where he used it as leverage to pull himself free from it's grip. Now, it may seem like I am giving this little guy a lot of credit(who, by the way, has been named Houdini at this point), but c'mon! We've gone through 4 traps now with this one little rodent! We talked to the landlord this morning about getting the humane trap back to give it another go. He also mentioned getting some of those sticky traps which capture the mice when they walk on them (picture a large fly-trap with a mouse attached instead of flies). That grosses me out though and I think is the least humane way to go with this situation. I'd rather a quick death then a sticky death.

Sticky may be fun in some situations, but not this one.

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