Monday, March 15, 2010

Tattoo Temptress

Today is one of those days where you wake up and are sure that someone beat you with a 2X4 while you were asleep, because you wake up and are remarkably sore and exhausted. I'm pretty sure that's is just a combination of way too many nights with small amounts of sleep, and then adding the soreness of a good work-out from the day before. Either way, it's still hard to function when this level of exhaustion has taken over your will to live. Oh, and plus we lost an hour the other night...the only negative aspect of spring-time is that we have to move the clocks forward. But, it is Monday, and for some reason I look forward to Mondays nearly as much as Fridays. Reason as to why this is??? No idea.

I had a rather unproductive, but enjoyable weekend. Friday night a group of gals from my program went to Mia's house where we all made sushi and had some drinks. Lydia provided all of the neccessitites to make the sushi, and she also gave us a quick demonstration of how to assemble it. I am pleased to say that I picked it up really quickly and ended up making sushi for many of the people there. It was really fun! Plus I got to hang out with some people that I have yet to have the opportunity to get to know, so it was really nice to be able to do that for once. Here's a quick picture taken with Jess's camera of all of us that night.

Saturday was a lazy day. I walked to the market in the morning to buy some bread and beets. It was another gorgeously sunny morning, so the walk was really nice. Plus I ran into my recently retired hair dresser, and I made sure to let him know that he was breaking my heart not being able to do my hair anymore. I am very happy that he is going back to school full-time to get his Masters. That's awesome! Good luck Chris! The rest of the day was lazy lazy lazy. I don't even remember doing any school-work, although I must have at some point. Sam came over and did some waxing for me and Kaylynne. Always a fun time! Nothing like getting hair maliciously ripped out of your body to get the weekend going.

Sunday was even less productive then Saturday. After an hour and a half of YogaX, I made some double stuffed potatoes which I was bringing to the potluck that night. Yep, another potluck. Three in one week! I'm so incredibly lucky! This one was at our bosses house (well, my ex-boss I suppose). They went away to Vegas for a week, and Sarah is house-sitting, so we all headed over there to have dinner and chill in the hot tub for the night. It was a nice evening. The great thing about a full belly and a long soak in a hot tub is that you generally get really tired by the end of the evening, so by the time I got home I just crashed into bed and had a good sleep. I love sleep.

In a couple hours I am heading downtown with Sarah to her tattoo appointment!!! I know that this an incredibly stupid move on my part; deliberately walking into a tattoo parlour on a beautiful sunny, nearly-spring day. This is just a bad situation waiting to happen. I know that as soon as I hear that gun fire up, I'll start salivating and a slight twitch will appear around my eye. My addiction has been laid to rest for about 10 months now, and I have a feeling that today may be a day to fall off the proverbial wagon, or at least tip it ever so gently. My friends, ever so nicely, were reminding me last night about my plans to get a quarter sleeve done, which I was obsessed with getting last summer. As winter came along and the layering of the clothes came to be, I quickly forgot about my desire to get the work done on my arm/shoulder. But now that spring is almost here and less and less clothes are being worn, the craving is quickly returning. Not good people. Not good.

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