Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quiet Week on the Homefront

I just spent the entire morning making veggie burger batter and cleaning the house. There isn't much more to life more satisfying then having a clean house (knowing that you will be having friends over that night), and also knowing that in a handful of hours that you will be having a delicious dinner. I mentioned a while back that when I was in BC, my mom, sister and I all stopped in at the bakery that I used to work at and had some lunch. My mom had the veggie burger which was my all-time favourite food there and ever since that day I have been craving veggie burgers, so I decided to make a day of it and whip up a batch of them. Now, making this recipe is no small feat. There are tons and tons of steps, all of which were increasingly more difficult since I lack both a food processor and a standing mixer (Kitchen-Aid mixer). But at least I got a decent bicep workout with all of the grating, chopping, and grinding that I had to perform. I look forward to dinner. Mmmmmm. It had better be as delicious as I am hoping or else this might be the biggest let-down of the century, which is a pretty huge let-down.

I am looking forward to tonight! We are celebrating my friend Jo's birthday in which we are all dressing up "pin-up girl" style and heading out on the town (and by that I mean going to the Globe). My outfit that I have planned isn't working out as smoothly as I was hoping since I am having a difficult time finding a few key pieces, but I'll just have to deal with what I have. I'm going to have to take lots of pictures :) I can't wait to see everone's outfits.

It's been a fairly quiet week...mostly homework and a couple nights out with some friends. Tuesday night a few of us went to East Side Marios for 1/2 price appys and drinks. Sarah informed me that she wants to take my room for the summer, which made me very very happy! I really wanted to find someone to take my room who I know well and also who I trust to take care of the place in my/our absence. It sounds like Kaylynne will be gone for at least a month, possibly closer to 2 months, and Sam is still up in the air but she will probably be gone for all of August. I am happy that Sarah will be able to look after the house and make sure no crazies find their way in (except for the ones that she brings home....) Wednesday was Open Mike at Baba's, which has become a regular event for us now since Chris has been playing every week. Unfortunately he didn't get on the list until pretty late, so we had to sit through a lot, and mean a lot, of bad playing before he got up there. Sure there were.....3....yeah, at least 3 really talented people in the line-up, but most of them were just frightening. I shouldn't judge because they are getting up there and doing their thing in front of a lot people who they don't know. At least they're trying. Most people can't even say that (me being one if them).

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