Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello? Can Anyone Hear Me?

I have some terrible news! For the first time since I started this blog, the number of visitors to this blog has decreased. This makes me very sad. I am guessing that my blogs are becoming either, a) more and more boring therefore people do not feel the need to read them, or b) they were always boring and people are now realizing that it's not going to get any better, so it's time to give up the waiting game for an exciting blog to appear.

Ok, so my life isn't all that interesting, and the things I have to say are not expressed all that much differently than another person may say them...but a decrease in page visits is a bit of a downer people. Even though I mostly write this blog for me because it gives me the chance to just blabber on about nothing (which is perhaps why no one is reading it!), it is still nice to see high numbers in terms of page visits. Hmmmm. I will persevere with the blogging though. I won't give up! I have faith that if I write, people will come. All I need is a cornfield and some daddy issues, and I'll be set.

So mousey is still on the run. He's now taken the peanut butter from the trap three times, which makes me believe that he is either a mouse-genius, or I am a complete moron when it comes to setting traps. Unfortunately, I am leaning towards the latter of the two options. On the good side of things, Sam came back last night from South Carolina and she's the one who generally sets the traps, so hopefully after she gets home and puts one in place we'll have some success in lowering the rodent population on Gerald Street.


  1. Well first off, I enjoy your blogs! I think your writing is incredible and very entertaining. So to heck with everyone else. Tell your parents to come into the 21st century and get a computer then they can follow you too.

    I had a mouse in my house a few weeks ago, courtesy of my cat who thought it would be fun to bring one inside. yeah, not so much. I couldnt put out the traditional trap with 3 cats roaming the house at will, so I purchased this cutesy little humane trap. Looks very simple and works that way too. It is a plastic rectangle with a door that will fall down when the mouse goes inside. but the kicker is that it supplies a package of Valerian, which is a herbal sedative. the premise is to mix the valerian with the peanut butter, mousey will eat it, fall asleep and all i have to do is take it outside to release it. sounds cool right? safe for pets and children. huh, again, not so much. My cats reacted to the valerian like it was the best bud in BC! two of them even jumped up onto the counter in an attempt to get at it. So, needless to say I couldnt use that trap. The darn thing ran into a spot between two cupboards, so Larry being the genius that he is, stuffed wadded up tin foil in the entrance of this space , figuring we had the little sucker trapped while we debated what to do about it. somehow it got out and ran amuck in the living room. you would assume 3 cats would be all over that mouse, but noooo, not my cats. they just watched as Jeff chased it around, moved furniture in an effort to corner it and force it into a box. as he squatted down, the mouse ran under his foot, so he just lowered his foot to the ground and grabbed the mouses tail, picked it up and took it out the back door to the alley. anyway, the point of my rambling is perhaps you could try a trap such as the one described up above, maybe the valerian will knock the little bastard out and you can dispose of him.

  2. Thanks for the tip, but we've tried the humane traps already and just seem to have misfortune with them as well. We got some new traps and I successfully snapped it twice on my fingers, which means it works!!! I am predicting one less mouse in the morning.