Monday, March 8, 2010

What the Eff is Cherry Sauce Anyway?

Another Tuesday is here once again, which means I start school at 8:30am and leave around 7pm. Yeah, it's a long day for sure, but I enjoy the fact that I have only once of those classes only once a week for 3 hours. Tuesdays are also a bit tedious and hectic because generally everything happens on Tuesdays (assignments being due and exams being written), but we always get through them somehow. There seems to be a lot going on this week for the Nutrition department, which is out of the ordinary. I think that the FANS people have come to realize that the semester is nearly over and they haven't done anything yet that sparks the interest of any of the students. There is a potluck tomorrow, which I generally really look forward to, but it's right after lab, which means that we'll all be stuffed from eating our experimental foods. In foods lab this semester, each group is to decide on some kind of food item and figure out a way to change it to make it healthier, while not compromising on taste/flavour. Our group chose mac 'n cheese, so every week we make three different batches of mac 'n cheese, slightly altering each recipe, and testing each recipe to see which is best. Plus we get the opportunity to taste test other people's dishes so that they can know which of their recipes is the best. Needless to say, by the end of lab and after tasting 5 groups worth of food, we're all pretty full. But potlucks are the best things ever!! Perhaps I should just take one for the team and go to the potluck anyway. There's starving people in Africa therefore I should eat as much as I possibly can?!?!? Oh man, is this my logic?

So Saturday night was Jo's 50's inspired birthday party. I dressed up like Rosie the Riveter (even though that was more 40's). Sarah got the idea for me to dress up like her, and I liked the idea a lot, so I gave it a go. The whole shindig started at my place, which is where they usually tend to begin at, and we ended up heading to the Globe around midnight. Like most Saturday nights, we somehow ended up at some dodgey Chinese restaurant around 2:30am where the drunks are lined up outside just salivating at the thought of eating egg rolls and that nasty cherry sauce that they put on chicken balls. I do not understand the cherry sauce thing that they do here. What ever happened to delicious sweet and sour sauce??? I'd never even heard of it until I came to PEI. I once tried the sauce thinking that it was just over-dyed sweet and sour sauce, only to quickly learn the error of my mistake. Blech. Anyway, it was a pretty decent night and I was extremely happy to be able to enjoy the evening with a group of friends that I don't get to see very often anymore :( I miss them.

Tomorrow I finally get to start my new "job"!! I call it a "job" because it doesn't really seem like a job to me. I'm working with professor Jen Taylor as a student research assistant for her research project, and basically I get to travel around the island with her research team, go to elementary schools, learn about kids' eating habits and take some of their measurements. I'll admit that I'm pretty excited to finally be able to get out there and start the work. I think I am looking more forward to spending time with the people who are involved in the project then the actual project itself. That sounds bad doesn't it?? But honestly, the people in this department are awesome and a lot of fun to be around, so it makes it easy to want to work with them.

Still no word on the Cominco job. Hopefully by the end of this week (next week at the latest) is when I will find out. My fingers are getting cramped up from being cramped up for so long. Ouch.

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