Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mission Possible?

Somehow Sunday morning always creeps up unexpectedly, and like every Sunday morning, I wake up with the realization that I accomplished nothing the past 2 days and have to get my butt in gear to get some work done. I'll admit though, it's been an enjoyable weekend. Friday night I went to a house party at one of Chris's friends. It started off kind of lame because it was all really young people who no one seemed to know, and the music was just stupidly loud. But, eventually the people thinned out and the music turned off and it was just a small group of friends left. The guitars, beer and foosball all came into play, and the rest of the evening was quite enjoyable.

The next morning, me and Sam headed to the farmer's market in hopes of bread and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. I got the bread, but once again, no cookies to be had :( I don't know if they only make them sporadically, or if they just sell out incredibly fast. Either way, I was disappointed again. I want to go to the actual bakery in Mermaid that sells these cookies, but I honestly can't find this bakery in any phone book, or online. I'm thinking that maybe this woman just makes them out of her house, made up a name of a bakery and sells them at the market pretending that the goods come from a bakery. I don't know. I am on a mission though to get another cookie before I head back to BC. I choose to accept this mission.

Saturday night consisted of another house party, but this one was Lexy's birthday bash (Happy Birthday Lexy!!). There was an "anything but cups" theme for the party, in which we had to bring something other than a cup to drink out of. There were some pretty creative people at that party :) People were drinking out of red peppers, street lights, watermelons, pylons....I brought a watering can to drink from, Sam had a cat planter and Chris had a water gun. Chris actually won the prize for most creative non-cup. Unfortunately his prize (a bottle on wine), got smashed as we were leaving. Uncool. But it was nice to see people who I don't get the chance to see enough of. Most of the party headed down to the Globe; some went to the Wave, and others just went their own way. We actually headed back (slightly stumbled back)to the house where we were the previous night and chilled with some friends there. I kicked Mark's butt at foosball and I think his masculinity was a bit threatened. Sorry Mark. Booze makes me a better foosball player.

And now...Sunday morning. My books are staring at me from across the room, so I think I should do something about it. The possibility of throwing them out it my #1 option at the moment.

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