Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Saturday morning. I woke up this morning with a feeling of optimism and hope for a busy and fulfilling day. I did a quick workout, shower and breakfast, then took a walk over to the farmer's market in search of a Saturday morning treat. Last night I decided to that I would take the trip to the market to buy a couple of the delicious gluten-free chocolate chip cookies that one of the vendors sells, and surprise Kaylynne at work with one. Unfortunately, when I got there, there were no cookies to be had. Booo. I thought about buying another kind of cookie, but at that point I was so built up on the one that I traveled all the way there for, that the rest just didn't seem to live up to my expectations. So away I went and carried on with my travels. I decided to drop into Bulk Barn and pick up a few things there, including a couple chocolate eggs (one to bring to Kaylynne, one to eat on the way there). I dropped in at Kaylynne's work to say "hey" and tell her of my disappointing market experience. She also told me that Michael Smith came into the restaurant the night before and she got to serve his table :) Very exciting. In case someone reading this blog doesn't know who Michael Smith is, he's a big famous chef who has had several TV shows (The Inn Chef, Chef at Large, Chef Abroad and Chef at Home). He lives here on the island and every so often, myself or one of my friends sees him and it's this big thing "I saw Michael Smith today at Starbucks! I saw Michael Smith at the Superstore!"'s kind of sad, but it's all we've got. I was happy that Kaylynne got to serve him last night though because she's a pretty big fan. Way to go buddy!!!

Today on my walk I had one of those moments when you just close your eyes when you're walking, take in a deep breath of fresh air and are just completely content with the moment. There is a slight wind outside, but it's the perfect temperature so that it's enjoyable. I don't have very many of these moments living on PEI. Normally I am bitching about the weather and not embracing it. I guess my point to all of this, is that sometimes I completely forget that I am living on PEI and I know that I don't appreciate it near enough. So many people from back home tell me how much they want to see the island and experience the maritimes, meanwhile I get so caught up in my every day life that I forget that the dirt is red here and the air has a certain scent to it that it unmistakable. I know this sounds all touchy-feeling and lovey-dovey...but I think I'm just really happy that it's the first day of spring! Happy Spring everyone! I've been waiting for this day for 3 months now and am appreciating the fact that it finally arrived. Horray! I saw crocuses for the first time yesterday!! Big day!

Oh, and I jumped rope for over a half hour neighbours think I'm crazy and gave me a few good smiles/laughs as they drove by. But the weather was so sunny and warm that I didn't want to be inside! Me and Kaylynne tried to jump together, and were mildly successful, but we were just waiting to bonk heads in the process. We had a good laugh about it though.

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