Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Always Excuses

Not being in school, or really having any place to be at all, makes me lose all sense of time. Just trying to figure out what day of the week it is can be a bit a chore these days. I guess the jet-lag doesn’t help either. Ok fine. I can’t even blame my slight retardation on that either. For some reason, this is the first time I have not had jet-lag when flying to BC. Usually I am all over the place and unable to stay awake past 8pm when I come here…but this time it doesn’t seem to be affecting me. Maybe by practically skipping sleep during the first 48 hrs I am here was a good way to go. It might have to be a new tradition.

Yesterday was a semi-productive day. My mom, sister, niece and I, all went to do some shopping together in the morning. I guess it’s a weekly ritual for the three of them to do a big shop together, head to the mall so that Cadance can play in the ball-room, and then go out for lunch. I got to join the trio, so I guess that makes me a bit special to be worthy of joining their weekly group. My mom was looking for something to wear to Sarah’s wedding (at the end of May), so while she was trying on clothes I also wandered around the store and tried on a few items. I picked up one shirt, as a complete joke because I thought that it was ridiculous, and tried it on to show mom and Amy. To all of our surprise, it was actually quite fabulous so I ended up buying it. Totally couldn’t afford it, but since it was the only one in my size, I figured that I had to get it at the chance of someone else snatching it up. Plus I am trying to live more by my newish motto, “never hesitate”, so that was my other reasoning for buying the shirt… I like to find multiple excuses when justifying purchasing clothes I don’t need.

After dropping Amy and Cadance off at their house, Mom drove me up to Pam’s house and dropped me off with nothing but a raincoat and sheer determination. Pam lives in upper Warfield and I’ve been wanting to walk Splash down to where my parents live to see how long it takes to do the trek. It poured all day, but after eating the huge lunch that I devoured, I really needed the long walk and of course to put my curiosity to rest. I walked down the main highway for a while but then cut down onto Thunder Road and eventually made my way down the mountain towards Rivervale. It was really weird to walk that trail alone though. Growing up we always walked that mountain quite regularly, but I had never done it by myself before. This time it was just me and Splash, breaking trail and enjoying the great outdoors together. I had to take my hood off because I wanted to able to listen for any animals that may be around…even though the worst we’d ever run into on that mountain were deer and coyotes (but only once). So that got me good and extra wet. Plus when I went to put the hood back on, the hood was filled with rainwater so that was a nice surprise when I pulled it back over my head. I got to the house exactly one hour and thirty three minutes full of water and mascara running down my face.

There is a kid singing Journey on Ellen right now and he’s rocking my world.

When my dad got home from work, we sat down together and finally did my taxes (last possible minute at that). He has been the one who does my taxes every year, but this year he was a bit stumped on a couple things so he put off doing them until I got there…plus he wanted to show me how to do them so that I can one day do them myself (more excuses). It’s not as though it’s a hard task to accomplish, Dad just always did them for me. So we hashed them out together this year. Done and done.

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