Friday, April 2, 2010

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

Well, it finally happened. Semester #2 of year #3 has come to an end and classes are officially done. I knew the day would come eventually, but now that it has come and gone, it still hasn't sunk in yet at all. I just completed my take-home exam question for my Human Sexuality class, which should have been a reminder that I just wrote 30% of my mark for that final exam...and yet...I feel nothing. Weird. I think knowing that I have to write 5 exams in the next week and a half is a constant cloud hanging over my head that I don't have the time to be excited that I'm almost done and that I have tons of work still to do. Yuck. Writing that paper for that exam was hard! The material wasn't difficult at all because it was merely my ethical opinions about various topics and religious views about sexuality, but it was excruciatingly hard to keep it within the amount of pages that she wants us to hand in. Her format says "3-4 pages"....yeah. That didn't happen. Mine is 8 pages long. How does she expect us to talk about so many things in only 3-4 pages? C'mon! Yes, I tend to rant when I am talking about something I feel strongly about, but still. Give me some space to write in. Hopefully she's a bit lenient about this. Plus it was really hard to write this paper and not appear that I'm standing on a soap-box saying that everyone else is wrong and stupid and I'm the all-knowing voice behind the curtain. This is not what I was aiming for at all. A few days ago, this particular professor went out of her way to tell me how much she has enjoyed my writing throughout the semester (we had to send her weekly journal entries), so I am hoping that she enjoys this paper just as much.

So yesterday was April Fools Day (Happy Birthday Splash!) and our group in our Advanced Foods class had to do our presentation about our mac and cheese project. We were originally going do a great big prank for the teacher, but ended up doing a minor one instead. The presentation was a power point, and we had certain topics to discuss about the mac and cheese experiments (Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion), and I was in charge of talking all about the discussion. So, when it was my turn, the first slide of course said "discussion", and when we turned to the next slide it was this picture of this sexy vinyl-clad woman all tied up on top of this table with a blindfold and her mouth all covered up, and the heading said "Bondage and Discipline 101" with various facts about S&M and a few other things. At first I pretended that I had no idea what was going on, and then I pointed to one of my friends in the class/crowd and said "Oh Jess! This is from that class we took last Saturday night!" The funny thing about this was that about 70% of the class was completely confused and had no idea how to react (picture uncomfortable teeth-gritting grins and eyes darting back and forth waiting for some kind of social cue). Meanwhile the rest of the class was laughing hysterically because they know the kind of ridiculous people that we are. Oh, we also all had matching shirts on as well depicting a macaroni noodle and a block of cheese reaching towards one another, with the words BFF and a heart underneath them. We're a bunch of dorks and I'm the first to admit it. I'm just really hoping that the instructor for the class doesn't dock us marks for not taking the project seriously enough or anything like that. It was a fairly easy-going class, so we felt it would be alright to have a little fun on the last day of classes.

Yesterday afternoon I walked around Charlottetown with Sarah while she handed out resumes, looking for a part-time job for the summer. I love love love hanging out with Sarah because she is so easy-going and fun to talk to about anything and everything. She's just a bubble of laughter and can make any situation enjoyable. Also, walking around with her handing out resumes made me look forward to looking for a new job in the fall when I return to PEI. I know that sounds really weird, but I am excited to find out where I'm going to end up in the fall in regards to work. I am really hoping to find a job as a waitress because tips would be great! But really, just the new experience and new people I am going to meet will be enough to satisfy me at the moment.

Tip of the Day: Optimism may be the only way to curb the definite anxiousness of having to study for exams. That, and denial.

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