Friday, April 9, 2010

You're Terminated.

Two down and three to go. I wish I was talking about margaritas at this point, but unfortunately I am referring to exams. Today I write Advanced Foods (done) and Dietary Behaviour (ETA=2hrs and 15 minutes). Luckily Advanced Foods was open book so there wasn't the whole panic portion of the exam that tends to hit me somewhere about 24 hrs prior to writing a test, so that was a nice change. I've only ever written two open book exams in my life and I must admit, I wish I had more of them. The one negative aspect of them however, is when you don't know the answer and can't find the answer and you start to get that vision in your head of them throwing you out of university for flunking an open book exam. Should there be a mandatory rule of immediate expulsion following the failing of an open book test?? Perhaps. That would be sad. Anyway, test #2 of today starts in a couple hours and I really should be studying. Just 10 more minutes??

My dad called last night to tell me that I received a letter from Cominco telling me that my start date for the job is May 5th and I will be working in the Melting Plant. I mean, to say that I will be working in a place called a "melting plant" sounds pretty sweet indeed. I have this vision of the scene in Terminator 2 where the T-1000 follows them all into that big steel mill where the huge battle occurs and there's giant vats of molten steel bubbling and steam and loud noises coming from every direction. Yeah, I know it won't be like that, but that would be pretty intense! Turns out I'll be driving trucks and fork-lifts around, doing deliveries and stuff like that. My dad says it's a fairly decent job and I should have no problems there. I trust him. And if I suck at the job, the worst that can happen is I'll be terminated....

Tip of the Day: Corny jokes will always have a place in the world.

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  1. Did your dad happen to mention that Larry is a shift leader in the melting plant? good luck on your exams!