Friday, April 16, 2010

Day One of Unproductiveness

In 186 hours, I will be boarding my plane to fly back to BC for the summer. The closer and closer the day comes, the more and more my emotions become scattered and confused. Obviously I am thrilled to go back to my home province to enjoy the summer where the weather is hot and dry (compared to the drizzly and miserable summer I lived through last summer), and I get to see my friends and family. I love my family and miss them tremendously living so far away. Sarah's bachelorette party is coming up at the end of April which will be a gong-show, and then her wedding at the end of May should be an event to be rememebered. Plus, going home means I have the chance to go see Gill, or give her the chance to come up to visit me...something I missed out on last year because I was in PEI. So yes, I am very much looking forward to going to BC. Oh, did I mention that it's 22 degrees in Trail right now and it's zero degrees in Charlottetown???

On the other hand, the closer the day comes to my departure, the more saddened I become at the thought of leaving the amazing friends that I have here. The other night at Open Mike, I was just sitting back and analyzing the scene around me and started thinking about how much I was going to miss seeing that crowd of people every Wednesday night. It's kind of the same crew every week and you get to know them fairly quickly and look forward to seeing them there. A lot of my friends back home have moved away to larger cities, so seeing them will be more challenging. Here, they're basically all within a close distance which is extremely convenient for everyone. I can pretty much walk to anyones house from where I am living within a half hour. I can't say that about BC. I wish I could pack everyone up and take them back with me so that I can be the selfish jerk that everyone knows and loves to me to be. That's my one and only option at this point.

So last night was Sam's birthday party. She somehow survived the evening even though she wasn't feeling up to par. She's my hero, that's for sure. We were a bit disappointed that only about 1/2 of the people that we were expecting to show up actually made an appearance, but we made a good time of it anyway. Everyone looked gorgeous by the way. We have a sexy group of friends here.

The one thing about having extra time on your hands is that you always seem to get less done. How and why does this happen? Today I had the whole day to be productive. But what did I do instead? Got out of bed around noon (which is so incredibly rare), went to a very late lunch with Chris, followed by some suit shopping at Moores. I have come to very much enjoy going suit shopping. Watching a guy try on suits is just extremely sexy. No denying it. What's hotter than a guy all decked out in a suit? After that we just walked around downtown...then he dropped me off at my house where I wasted the day away watching Six Feet Under and downloading music. A whole day wasted with unproductiveness. It was a weird feeling. I don't think I could get used to it.

Tip of the Day: Just because the dictionary claims that a word doesn't exist, that should never stop you from using it. Case and point: "unproductiveness"

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