Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Salute You

I have an announcement to make. I am very pleased to say that there is a 37.07% increase in views to my blog, which makes me very very happy!! For about a good month my numbers were in the negatives, which means that less and less people were checking this place out every day. I understand that everyone has their own lives and probably don't have the time to take a few extra minutes to read a blog revolved around me and my boring life...but I am so happy that more of you guys are using your precious time to stop and check out what I have to say. You make me feel so special! Thanks everyone. For this, I salute you!

Today was day one of packing up the room. It was weird to do because I'm coming back in the fall so I have to decide what stays and what goes with me. This proved to be much more difficult than I anticipated. There are so many stupid little knick-knacks in my room and while I would love to take them all back with me, it's just silly to bring back 10 little cow figurines just because I like having them around. Plus I began taking down all of my pictures off of the walls (because I doubt Sarah wants to spend the summer looking at pictures of my friends and family...although she is in a bunch of them). I love that she wants to keep my Edward Norton poster up though. LOL. Yes....I'm 26 and I have a poster of Edward Norton in my room. Deal with it! He's just so nice to look at. Anyway, the packing is going quite smoothly. My jail cell bedroom is starting to look a bit bigger with less crap floating around it. But, the emptiness reminds me that in three days I'll be saying "goodbye" to this island and heading back to the mainland of BC. I'll be missing my lovely friend. I sound like a broken record these days. Boo hoo!! I'm leaving my friends!

Speaking of which, my lovely roommate Sam is heading home for a few days, which means that when she gets back to the island I'll be long gone. So tonight is our last night together. And how are we celebrating. Lots and lots of booze. Wish me luck!

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