Friday, April 30, 2010

Pre-wedding Weekend

This weekend is probably going to be a bit of a shit show. It’s Sarah’s bridal weekend, which means lots of partying, drinking, eating and celebrating. Sarah is my heterolifepartner. We met in Grade 8 math class (Ms. Barisoff….*shudders*) and just kind of instantly clicked as soon as we met. Like most friendships, we’ve had our ups and downs and after high school we went our separate ways and kind of fell out of touch for a few years. Fortunately, we found each other again and fell madly in love all over again. When she told me she got engaged I was elated because I was so happy that she found someone who accepts her for who she is and loves both her and her kids. Now their wedding is planned for May 29th in which I am the maid-of-honour and I have accepted the responsibility with pride that she would ask me.

Anyway, back to the weekend ahead of me! Yesterday I went with her and Mike to bring her two kids to soccer practice. Holden was a bit of a superstar and had fun, but Grayce wasn’t really finding her niche in the sport. She’s more into dance and swimming and stuff like that. I also think that she may have been overwhelmed by the whole experience because there were A LOT of kids there, and it was the first practice of the season so it was a bit of a gong show. Thirty-something 3 and 4 year olds running around a field trying to kick soccer balls…it would be a bit crazy for the first time.

After dropping the kids and Mike off at home, Sarah, her mom and myself all headed first to Sarah’s grandma’s house to pick up Aunt Leslie and Rosie (two more bridesmaids) and we all headed to the Oasis Hall where the bridal shower is being held tonight. For a couple hours we decorated the hall in a style that would only reflect a bridal shower for Sarah. Unless you know the girl then you probably have no idea what I mean, but let’s just say that the place has a definite “Sarah” feel to it. Lots of red, black, white and silver, with candles and roses and goth-like decor. I think it looks quite rad. Basically tonight there will be 40-50 people all gathering together to bring presents and eat lots of food and cake and celebrate the engagement. She’s nervous about the party because she’s not one to like being the center of attention (definitely not a Leo), but after she gets a good amount of wine into her system, I’m sure it will all be no big deal at all for her. Plus I’ve got her back.

Tomorrow is the bachelorette party! Now this could get sloppy. There’s a school-girl theme to the party which is no big deal because I already have an outfit (Jo’s wedding last summer had a theme in which I was a school-girl). Very convenient. It’s starting off at Aunt Leslie’s house where there will be a “sex party”, or whatever you want to call it. Normally they’re called Fantasia parties but it’s a different company involved so technically I can’t call it a Fantasia party. After that is done, I think the game plan is that we’re hitting the town. Considering this is Trail, there’s a good chance we will end up at a dodgy bar where they’re playing crappy music and the only people in the bar are drunk old men who either don’t want to go home to their wives or are life-long bachelors and have nowhere else more important to be. This could prove to be a very interesting weekend.

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