Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cookie Quandary

So here I am, sitting in the Vancouver Airport, twiddling my thumbs and eating snack foods which don't rate too high on the healthy eating list, waiting for flight #3 to get underway. On my last flight I was sitting next to this dude and we got chatting about health, nutrition, Canada's Food Guide, Michael Pollan, organic foods, local I felt like I had to set a good example in my travel snacks while sitting beside him. My first food was a pear, which was good. The second was some carrots and red peppers that I cut up before I left the house this morning. Also good. As the hours trickled by and two fairly boring movies later, all I could think about was the Tim Horton's chocolate chip cookie which I bought at the Toronto airport that was sitting in my backpack at my feet. So I start weighing the pros and cons in the situation before me. He knows I'm a nutrition student and that I'm all for eating healthy and saving the planet from obesity and heart disease; therefore eating a calorie filled cookie from a franchise which is taking over the country and making people fat with their donuts and cream filled coffees would be a bad thing. On the other hand, it's a cookie...cookies are delicious and I love cookies. The dilemma burned on for a while longer. Eventually I decided that the cookie would win over. What can I say? My love for cookies is just too strong compared to my ego. Damn weak ego. I figured it would be best to be human and eat the cookie in front of him then wait and wait until I landed and devour it in a bathroom stall where no one would see me. Isn't that a lovely picture (just so everyone knows, I am not this neurotic at all. The vision on me eating a cookie hiding in the ladies room was just too funny to not bring up.)

While waiting for a flight, I was watching one of the giant TVs that they have at the airports, and there was a program on CNBC about Google called Inside the Mind of Google, and it basically made me want to drop out of school and somehow get a job for Google. Of course I will need to learn how to use computers properly and somehow enjoy working on a computer, but it would be worth it! First of all, has anyone seen where these people work??? It's incredible! The main headquarters is in Mountainview California, and the place is massive. And I mean MASSIVE! Google made a 4 billion dollar profit last year, so I guess I would have a ginormous headquarters made for me as well. Anyway, there is no dress code for all 20,000 employees, so if you roll out of bed, unshaven and pull on your rattiest jeans and t-shirt and head to work shoeless, no one would say a word about it. When the Queen went to visit the place, it showed some guy giving her a tour and he was wearing faded jeans and a baggy green t-shirt. Man...that's the life. Oh, and another thing! The place has something like 9 gourmet cafeterias in which all of the food and beverages are free. FREE! Gourmet chefs preparing gourmet food for you, and no cost. Google was created by these two young grad students who created it as a project...and now they are basically running the internet as we know it. Everyone loves and uses Google. I have a tab opened right now which displays an image search I recently did on Google. I have no idea how I lived before Google existed. How did we search for things anyway. Unfortunately I had to board my plane before I could watch the rest of the program, but it was really interesting to learn how Google is quickly taking over the world. As soon as they (Google) finish figuring out how to perfect androids (which they are doing as we speak), then it's all over. They have won.

I'm excited to be sitting here in BC. Leaving PEI this morning was hard. Even though I know I am in Vancouver right now, over 4,000 miles from where I was this morning, it still hasn't sunk it yet that I'm not going to Charlottetown again until September...over 4 months from now. The unfamiliar somehow became familiar and my old familiar was forgotten for a little while. I will be very happy when it returns :)

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  1. you could probably do a google search and find out where you could see the episode in it entirety... :) Welcome home :)