Sunday, April 4, 2010

Blue and Batty

At one point yesterday, it was 19 degrees in Charlottetown. That is just mean! The one time of year that we students are stuffed inside the library, dorm-rooms or bedrooms, up to our noses in studying for exams, is of course the one time the temperature reaches the high teens. That's just uncool.

Yesterday was a fairly decent day overall. I went out to breakfast with Sarah, Jo and Andrea, which was enjoyable. How I am going to survive the summer without those ladies? After breakfast we went to Lou Lou's where I walked around toting a cow-print bag for about a 1/2 hour. The fact that I was able to walk out of that place without buying it is nothing short of a miracle. A cow print bag people!! It was amazing, and only $20. There's a good chance I'll be heading back there in a few days because I lack will-power and I will be wanting to break free from studying at one point and a trip to a clothing store will be a great distraction.

Anyway, after breakfast and purse drooling, Jo came over to my place and ended up dying my hair. She put a largish streak of blue in my hair. I'll admit that the second I did it, I thought "what have I done?" but now that the shock has subsided, I enjoy it. I've been wanting to do something silly with my hair for a long time but just never really had the guts to do it...for some reason I was feeling gutsy yesterday. After the blue hair bonanza, I went to the library for a few hours to get a little work done. Usually I go to the library only when I have work to do that I really don't want to do but needs to be completed.

After the library I headed home to procrastinate a bit...then went out for the night. It was Chris's sister's birthday yesterday so we went over there for her party. It was my first time meeting people in his family (besides his mom and dad whom I met many months ago). I wasn't nervous or anything, and everyone was very welcoming and the food they had out was delicious. Chris's sister married into a Lebanese family, so most of their special occasions revolve around amazing Lebanese food. I look forward to spending more holidays with them :) Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to meet Chris's other sister which is unfortunate. I just really want to meet all of his family and get to know them because I'm leaving for the summer, and he's coming to BC for most of it as well, and I guess I just want them to know the person who is dragging their son/brother away for so many months. Also, the first time Chris is going to meet my family is when he moves to BC. Now that's pretty scary. If they hate him then they're stuck with him for 3 months. Not that they'll hate him...but still. That has to be a bit intimidating for him. He's a tough guy though. He can survive the crazy Kotyk clan. Let's hope so anyway.

I just realized that when mid-terms were going on, the ever-distracting Olympics were is full swing. And now that finals are happening, an ever-distracting heat wave is in full swing. I think the universe is trying to tell us something. School is silly and we should all quit.

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