Friday, April 23, 2010

Panic Packing

I've officially decided that packing sucks! I began the whole packing process yesterday, but it mainly consisted of unloading my desk and my winter clothes which will be staying at the house while I am that part was easy. Today I began tearing apart my closet and dresser and deciding which things stay and which stuff comes along. My first realization was that I have a lot of useless junk. I'm not a hoarder of any king really, if fact I generally throw out as much stuff as I can because I really don't like clutter (especially when you have a jail cell bedroom). I think what got to me was the shoes. I have somehow accumulated quite a few pairs of adorable shoes, all of which I want to bring back with me. I know that I will probably not wear most of them even once for the entire duration of the summer, but because I am a girl and am complete rubbish, I always have the nagging voice in the back of my head saying "but what if I need those shoes at some point!?!?!" and then I start to panic at the thought of not having that particular shoe waiting for me in my closet. Why do I have to be such a chick sometimes?

My second realization when packing is that I am going to have to leave some crucial articles of clothing behind. The first one was my lovely Tool t-shirt that Shawn got me for Christmas a couple years ago. I love that shirt and I wear it quite regularly here, but I know that when I get it home to BC that I will rarely wear it because of all of the dog hair that will cover it...which will get me all flustered because I don't want my black Tool shirt all covered with white hair. So I have had to part with a lot of clothes so far which is giving me some major anxiety (note the shoe dilemma mentioned above). What I don't want is to bring more than the 2 allowed pieces of baggage onto the plane, so trying to get all of my useless junk into two suitcases is proving to be much more difficult than expected. Was everyone else aware that Air Canada is now charging $100 for every extra piece of luggage that you check?? And why do I own so many pairs of socks and underwear anyway? How did this come to be?

My third realization is that packing sucks. Oh wait. I already mentioned that. I guess there wasn't a third realization...packing just sucks and I wanted to say it again one last time. I cringe at the thought of finishing it.

So in exactly 24 hours I will be probably sitting in the airplane, waiting to take off from the Charlottetown airport. Hopefully my 2 pieces of luggage will be safely stowed in the aircraft with me and all will be well. I guess this will be my last blog from PEI until September. Hopefully my loyal PEI readers will continue to read this to see what kind of shenanigans I get up to over there. I bid you all farewell for now.

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