Thursday, April 15, 2010

Parties and Celebrities

First I want to give a shout out to my mom and dad who are celebrating their anniversary today. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I love you!

I've had a busy couple of days...mostly because today is a pretty important day and I've been trying to make sure that everything is ready for it. Today is Sam's 21st birthday party and we're throwing a bit of a shindig here tonight. So the past two days I've been running around trying to pick up this and that, plus get some things done that I've been putting off due to needing all the time I could spare to study for exams. Now that exams are over (HEHE!) I have to do everything all at once because I've been procrastinating for two weeks. Anyway, I walked many miles around this town, picking up cupcake ingredients, balloons and other odds and ends...only to have the birthday girl come down with the stomach flu/food poisoning the night before the party. Oh Sam. What are you doing to us!?!?!? I'm kidding Sam. I love you. It just really really sucks that she's sick on the day of her birthday. Of all the days!!! Poor girl. I keep telling her that we can pull the plug on the whole operation (even after I meticulously decorated 36 cupcakes), but she says "no". She wants to see people and be social, so we're going along with it. I'll keep you posted on how the night ends up going.

Last night was Open Mike at Baba's, just like every Wednesday night. Both Chris's and Kyle's parents showed up to watch them play, plus Chris's sister and brother in-law went as well. They had never seen them play before so it was kinda cool to be there to see everyone witness the magic of Chris and Kyle for the first time. Plus it was a really quiet night at Baba's so the guys got to play extra long, which was a nice surprise. I'm guessing now that school is basically over, that a lot of people are heading off the island as quickly as they possibly can (like I will be in 10 days!), which means the talent is getting more sparse around here.

So I got an email from a woman who works for the PEI Healthy Eating Alliance about an inquiry I had made a few weeks ago about volunteering for this big recipe challenge contest that they're doing in the elementary schools here. March was Nutrition Month, with the theme being From Table, meaning that they were supporting local farms. So the contest is that the kids have to submit a recipe which has to be healthy, tasty, original and made with mostly local ingredients. When I heard about it I send an email to the HEA asking if they needed any help. So now I get to go on Monday to help produce the top 4 recipes and judge on which one should be the winner. I'm pretty pumped to be able to help. The recipe that wins, the kid who submitted it will get to make the recipe with Chef Michael Smith at their school. That's an awesome prize to win! This is all going down on May 13th, and I was asked to join the festivities, but I will be in BC. This is a major bummer. Go to BC and start my job....or meet a famous celebrity chef??? If only I could do both.

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