Monday, April 12, 2010

Spouting Sexuality

I've been trying to study for my last final exam (Human Sexuality) for about an hour, but there's a topic that's on my mind and unless I rant about it now then I'll never be able to concentrate on studying. 30% of my mark for this final exam is based on a take-home exam paper that I had to write about my personal ethics and philosophy of life in regards to sexuality and on some particular topics that the professor outlined for us to discuss. She wanted us to comment on where we stand on the topic of homosexuality and how that was related to our moral/ethical/religious beliefs. After re-reading my paper, I realized that trying to get my opinion out about this topic left me ranting and raving and I am hoping that I didn't come off too strongly.

There was once a time where, in a religious stand-point, homosexuality was just completely against nature, abnormal, a sin and against God's will, and for being attracted to the same sex you would be either burned at the stake or banned from the church. Then it got to the point where they decided that if that person wanted to repent and "become heterosexual", then their religious communities would accept them once again. Doesn't saying that you are straight when you are actually gay go far more against nature that the creation of a gay person? If there is this almighty being who is all-creating and all-knowing, then wouldn't he know what he was doing when he created this person in the first place?

I would also like to point out that they have now realized that there were some misinterpretations in some "holy books" about issues surrounding homosexuality and were taken out of context. Isn't that special.

So the next issue that was brought up in the text-book and in my paper is how many religious communities are taking another look at their attitudes towards homosexuality and that they are starting to interpret their teachings so that homosexuality is not abnormal or against anyones will. But, then they go and say that it's completely fine if you want to be gay, as long as you remain abstinent, then this will be seen as being obedient to God and will in turn prevent rejection from the church. Seriously?!?!? So now it's ok to be gay, but they can't ever have sex because sex should only be between a man and woman?? That's like saying it's alright for a dog to have a tail as long at it never wags it. It's completely unfair.

People are people and we should all have equal rights to everything, especially religion. If it is now legal and acceptable for two men or two women to marry, then they most certainly should be accepted by their religions. I totally understand that many religions are 100% accepting to all types of sexuality and that's awesome. I just wish that people would get out of the bedrooms of people because it's so not their business anyway. Maybe people would be more religious if they felt more accepted. And don't even get me started on convesion therapy. Seriously? Conversion therapy? Now you're just desperately reaching for anything to grasp onto.

I really hope that I didn't offend anyone with this discussion. This is just my opinion on a very contraversial topic.

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