Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hip Hip....Horray!

Just a quick little blog to make a small announcement. Today we had a bit of a revelation at the house. When I got home from my walk with the dogs, I was greeted by Cadance since my mom is going to be babysitting her for a few hours today. Ever since I got here a few days ago she has been calling me “Paaa”, which is her name for my sister Pam. She calls me “Aunty Paaa”. All Aunties are named the same I suppose in her 2 year old brain. Plus she doesn’t know me very well and she knows I’m an aunty of some kind…it’s just the name that’s a bit confusing. So, even though this is incredibly cute and she seems quite determined that this is in fact my correct name, we have all been correcting her relentlessly by saying, “no Cadance. Aunty Adrienne!” (or Aunty Age, or just Age…anything except Paaa). Her response to this is a little giggle and “Paaa!” while pointing at me.

Like I mentioned before, today was the revelation for my little niece. When I came in the door, she heard me come in and came running for the door. My mom said “who’s that Cadance?” and instead of calling me Paaa she called me “aunty” and went on her way. Then when we asked where aunty Pam was, she looked up at the picture of Pam on the shelf instead of pointing at me. So this is great news! I am no longer Aunty Paaa! She may not know what to call me anymore, but she has officially figured out that I am not Pam but am a whole different name of aunty. I feel like this is a small step for man, one giant leap for aunt-kind.

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