Thursday, April 8, 2010

The End is Near

This morning as I was laying in bed, deciding whether or not I wanted to face the world today, I came to the realization that on Tuesday the 13th, two major feats in my life will be complete. Number one: I will be done my third year at UPEI. Number two: I will be complete my P90X program. I'll admit that I'm happy about the first finished feat, but the second one is a bit saddening for me.

I've been really enjoying doing the program and look forward to getting out of bed to do whichever video is waiting for me (except YogaX which is still my nemesis, although it's gotten a lot easier to get through the past few weeks). I think what freaks me out about the whole thing is that after writing my exam on Tuesday morning, I'm going to have to come home and do all of my measurements to see if anything even changed in regards to my body. I haven't weighed myself once since December which is a bit frightening...and by "a bit", I mean "holy crap a lot!" I used to weigh myself every Monday morning at the gym, and now I could be anywhere on the map. My guesstimate as to what my measurements are going to reveal is that there won't be a lot of changes. I know my biceps will be larger for sure...but mostly everything else will be really close to the same. I have definitely noticed some physical changes in the way my body looks and I am tighter and more defined in some areas, but I think that my weight will be about the same as when I started.

I'd like to do the program again, but this time do the Leaner program, and also invest in some weights and eat better this time around! I know that my diet made a huge difference as to my overall results of the completion of the program. Maybe in the fall I'll start it back up. I think my summer is going to consist of more outside exercise and some visits to the gym. Sure I'll do a P90X video here and there on days I have some extra time and energy...meh. We'll see how it goes. I'm just pretty sure that my work schedule won't allow such strict workouts as the program would like. Speaking of which! Apparently Cominco is making phone calls now telling people their start dates in May! I'm so excited to finally learn when I start and what section I'll be working in. It had better be awesome, that's all I have to say.

Tip of the Day: Being more versatile makes you less vulnerable.

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