Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back In BC

*Note. This blog was written yesterday but the internet kicked out so I couldn’t send it until today*

3:30 am was my official time of arrival this morning. The trip was long and boring, but I guess an uneventful trip is a good thing to report. The last flight from Vancouver to Kelowna was quite horrid because it was in this tiny tin-can of a plane that was so loud that my iPod couldn't even drown out the noise at all. Plus the guy sitting behind me smelled sooooooo bad. I think it was a combination of stale cigarettes, dirty skin and bad breath which just about sent me over the edge. Landing in Kelowna was such a relief. My dad was waiting for me...well, technically he was hiding behind a pillar in the waiting area, trying to be sneaky...but he's not very sneaky of a guy. I love him anyway. The 3.5 hour drive home was quiet except for the massive amount of deer which were hanging out all over the roads. My dad had to drive about 20kms slower than usual for a lot of the drive because he was afraid of hitting one. Unfortunately I was sleeping most of the drive so I missed out on the majority of the deer he was steering away from. But I desperately needed the sleep.

I woke up this morning about 9am and was welcomed to sunshine. My dad and I took Riz and Splash for a walk and we played down by the river for a good long time, throwing sticks and rocks for them into the water. Whoever named Splash got her name bang-on. She is such a Splash it's ridiculous (just as I typed that she nudged my arm with her snout and gave me one of those wonderful Splash looks). The dog literally knocked me on my butt and attacked my face with licks when she saw me this morning. Nothing like a push to the ground and a face covered with dog snot to start your day off right.

After the walk, me and dad built a giant fire down below the house to burn a whole bunch of twigs and sticks that he's had building up down there for the past couple months. What is it about a giant fire that is so satisfying? The burning, the smell, the extreme heat and the loss of arm hair are all things which are very enjoyable. We also found some wild asparagus growing down below, so I got to munch on some while we continued to feed the fire. Yum yum. I love how much BC is in full Spring swing right now. It's easily about a month ahead of PEI at the moment. Tulips are open, lilacs are nearly there as well and the fruit trees are blossoming. The apple trees over on the flats are starting to bloom which is my all-time favourite part of spring. Five trees all grouped together...and when they bloom, the smell is just absolutely intoxicating. I wish I could bottle it up and keep it for myself to enjoy all year round.

After unpacking my room, going for a 4.5 mile jog and shower, we're now heading up to my sister's for dinner. YAY for dinner!! I’m looking forward to hanging out with the whole Kotyk clan again (plus Jer and Graham).

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