Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where's Alice Cooper???

I am done. DONE! No more tests, no more assignments, no more studying. Je suis fait. Lo sanno fatto. Am terminant. Olen valmis. Ich bin fertig. Or at Kaylynne would say, "DUNZO!" It feels good, there's no denying it. I wrote my last exam this morning at 9am and it took about an hour and a half to complete. I feel like I way over studied for that test...well...maybe not so much that I over studied, but I was definitely studying the wrong material for that she had on that test. Not as though what she was asking was hard, it just wasn't what I was focusing on when reviewing the material. OH WELL!!! I'm quite certain that I did just fine overall and am not regretting the work that I put into it. Done and done.

Now I'm planning in shaving Chris's head in a few minutes. The guy has this incredible mop of hair (almost at thick as mine) and has a hard time controlling it, so we're gonna just shave it all off. Shaving another person's head is something that I enjoy quite immensely. I think it's my way of living vicariously through them because I have always wanted to shave my head. Not that I think that I would end up discovering that I am one of those amazingly beautiful bald girls who never knew how much they suited having zero hair...it's just one of those strange little desires that we all have. Some people have always wanted to run a marathon while others want to perfect a chocolate mousse recipe. Me. I want to shave my head. Do I have the guts?? Perhaps. Not sure yet. Chris has always wanted to have a mohawk but never did it, and today is his day. I'm excited for him. I guess I always wanted to have blue hair and I finally got the nerve (and ended up loving it), so that's one step in the right direction I suppose.

After the shaving, I'm heading back to town to pick up Sam (Sam who I used to work with at the store) and we're heading to Maritime Beauty. She needs to pick up some things and I've never been, so I thought I would tag along. Then it sounds like there's a handful of people coming over after we get back to my place to get some waxing done. Waxing party!!! Nothing like viciously yanking some body hair out of my body to celebrate the end of the semester. Why do we do this to ourselves again? Oh yeah. Vanity. I nearly forgot.

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