Sunday, April 18, 2010

Too Many Questions

I just need to start this off by showing this picture of this amazing cake! One of the blogs that I follow regularly is "Cake Wrecks", which shows pictures and describes some hideously ugly and atrocious cakes that people create. Also, sometimes they display pictures of absolutely astonishingly beautiful cakes. Today they had this one, which just made my heart soar. I think that since I watched City Slickers yesterday that this cake just pulled on my heartstrings especially strongly. Ok, moving on.

The question of the day is, why does being sick make everything seem so much harder?? I've been fighting a head cold for three days now and even though it's a really mild cold, it just seems that the world is against me. Yeah, I know that my cells are using lots of energy to fight off the evil bacteria and are in warp speed trying to create and replace the white blood cells...but I'm pretty sure that the stairs got a lot steeper in the past couple days. Not that I don't need the exercise, but steepening the stairs is just cruel for someone who wasn't ready for such a change in the house. And then there's the whole showering dilemma. Is it really worth the effort to shower only for the satisfaction of not smelling like a hobo?? My only suggestion to fix this is to have baths. There is far less energy that has to be put out when you're just laying there, rather than actually standing for those precious and very lengthy minutes. The second question of the day is, why does being sick make us so pathetic sometimes?

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  1. I would love some serious answers to these questions!!!

    SIncerely your pathetic roommate