Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's In Me To Give

So I went down to the Canadian Blood Services today in desperate hope of giving blood. I drank lots of fluids the past couple days, worked out my arms this morning and used a squeeze ball the entire walk to the clinic. I was mildly successful with the donation. Better than last time anyway in which they couldn't even find a vein. They were able to get some blood out of me, but not the full amount that they like to get. I started off strong, everything was flowing and filling and life was good...but as time went by, the blood just stopped pumping as hard so the nurse just decided to stop. I am a bit bummed out right now because I really want to be able to do this on a regular basis, but it just doesn't seem that it's in the cards for me. I have been sick the past week which means that my body has been using a lot more energy and fluids to keep me going (aka, the snot factory has been in full force), so that could have reduced my blood volume enough to deplete the blood flow. I asked the nurse if it was even worth me continuing to try since I am such a high maintenance, pain in the arse patient and I've had only a tiny bit of success. She said to try to give it another go, so I am going to try one more time, but this time when I am not sick and after I drink an obscene amount of water beforehand. Like I'm talking so much that I can barely walk and end up looking like Violet Beauregarde after she eats the forbidden piece of gum. I'm going to do this. I am. It's in me to give...I just can't get it out!

Last night a group of us gals headed to Baba's Lounge to enjoy Open Mike. We got a couple pitchers of Sweet O and made a bit of an event of it. We were the somewhat distracting table at the front of the room, but considering that the place was quite dead, it didn't seem like a big deal. The night was planned around the girls being able to finally get the chance to see Chris and Kyle play, but Chris got the evil disease that I've been fighting (how he managed to catch it I will never know.......), so his voice is retired for the next few days. It was a major bummer that I didn't get the chance to hear him play since it was the last chance that I will have to hear him play there until September, but these things happen. Sickness happens to the best of us from time to time. We were also fortunate enough that the people who did sing were actually pretty good. Sometimes there are so really, really dodgy performers (as I shudder slightly at the thought of them), so it was great that the girls didn't have to witness that. Apparently they're all going to go again next week so make sure that they get the chance to see Chris play before he heads off to BC to reconnect with me. I hope they do.

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